This is something I know I can do with ArcGIS but I don't know how to perform on QGIS. I have a layer containing multiple polygons of size x. I want to query the layer to remove every polygon of size less than 1 km2. How do I accomplish this on QGIS?

  • If you wish to merely not show them then you can apply a definition query either by right clicking on a layer and choosing Filter or in the Layer Properties - Source - Provider Feature Filter create a Query on your area field You can also click on the tables Show All Features and instead apply a filter . If you wish to select polygons for deletion use a selection query in the table on the area field and delete in an edit session. There is also a Select by Attribute Processing tool. This all assumes you have an area field to use in the query.
    – John
    Commented Feb 15 at 20:51
  • If you want to modify the layer: use the Select by expression tool. In the Expression textbox type the following: $area/1000000 < 1 Once, selected, edit layer and delete the features.
    – ThiPa
    Commented Feb 15 at 21:19

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Right click on the layer --> Filter

enter image description here

Enter your query

enter image description here

It doesn't work if your layer is in the edit mode

In Arcgis it is a little bit more logical that the defintion qurey is in the property window/menu.

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