I have a shapefile composed of many polygons. I want to merge/combine/dissolve some adjacent polygons that I have selected within the shapefile into one polygon without any slivers or lines left in between.

I do not want to extract the polygons. I just want to combine the attributes of different adjacent polygon features within the existing shapefile

enter image description here

Essentially I want the below image but not extracted and separate, I want to do the merge internally in the shapefile

enter image description here

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It's a little tricky given that the dissolve/union simply extracts separate shapefile. Here is how you could do that:

STEP 1: In the menu item go to: VIEW>TOOLBAR, and then toggle on "Advanced Digitizing Toolbar" and "Digitizing Toolbar". Your toolbar will look as in the image, after step 1:

enter image description here

STEP 2: Toggle on "EDITING MODE" with that pencil icon you see in the image above/below, and select features from the map view which needs to be merged together. enter image description here

STEP 3: Select "MERGE (POLYGON) FEATURE" tool from the Advanced Digitizing Toolbar. You will now see the option to select feature attribute to preserve after merging. Based on your requirement you can select the best from there.

  1. Click on Save>Toggle off editing mode. (see image below for reference) enter image description here
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