First I use command r.slope.aspect elevation=dem slope=dem_slope format=percent --overwrite to calculate slopes in percent. I get a warning during slope calculation: WARNING: Unable to flush file fcell for raster map dem_slope: Input/output error. Then I use v.rast.stats map=geodata_subbasins type=area raster=dem_slope column_prefix=slp method=average,stddev to get average slope for zones from map geodata_subbasins and it's standard deviation. During execution I get errors:

WARNING: ZSTD compression error -20: Data corruption detected ERROR: Error uncompressing fp raster data for row 170 of <dem_slope>: error code -1

What could be the cause of warning and errors and what am I doing wrong here? DEM is not corrupted, as it works with all r.stream and r.watershed commands properly. Memory problems are possible but not probable.

UPD: Adding -e flag helps. Resulting cell type is FCELL. So, it's not a problem with memory. Seem to be an issue with NODATA

UPD2: I think this question is related to DCELL cell type is set automatically for raster after r.resamp.interp because both are issues of cell type setting.

  • What are your region settings (g.region -p)? How big is the dem (r.info dem)? How much free disk space do you have?
    – Micha
    Commented Feb 20 at 12:16
  • As for disk space I have enough, I work with much smaller watershed now, which is a part of previous, and previous one was ok. projection: 3 (Latitude-Longitude) zone: 0 datum: wgs84 ellipsoid: wgs84 north: 60:02:39N south: 54:18:39N west: 119:18:51E east: 124:31:15E nsres: 0:00:03 ewres: 0:00:03 rows: 6880 cols: 6248 cells: 42986240 DEM: Type of Map: raster Data Type: CELL, Rows: 18000, Columns: 12000, Total Cells: 216000000 Commented Feb 27 at 8:32


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