I want to create a mash-up that shows sites in Italy on a basemap. With the AJAX call I want to include the number of earthquakes within a certain distance to each site. I want to use the AJAX call for receiving and filtering the data. How can I do it?


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Reason why $.ajax call does not work is missing &outputFormat=application/json parameter in the WFS url, so returned result is not JSON and so $.ajax rejects it. Since you don't have error function defined for $.ajax, error is simply ignored.

So WFS url should be:

url: 'https://emidius.mi.ingv.it/services/italy/wfs?service=wfs&version=2.0.0&request=GetFeature&typename=italy:CPTI15_v2&cql_filter=DWITHIN(geom,Point(' + lat + '%20' + lon + '),50,kilometers)&outputFormat=application/json&srsname=EPSG:4326'

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