I have this cycling route and I need a proximity map that shows the proximity to this route:


I have the route as line shape, and I turned it into raster (using vector to raster). Following this exact tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lGeDskzrdY&ab_channel=OpenSourceRemoteSensing%26GIS

Then, I get the raster file like this (i zoom in to show details);


Then I finally use the Proximity (Raster Distance) tool to produce the final map but I only get a full black cover..

Proximity map

I just want a simple proximity map that shows the distance from this route.

Where am I doing wrong?

As I followed the linked tutorial these are the steps for the rasterization:

adding value 0 to attribute table

adding these values to the tool

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  1. Make sure you layer is in a projected coordinate system so the units arent in degrees.
  2. Rasterize (vector to raster). Fixed value to burn = 1, set a reasonable resolution. My route is ~90 km from north to south so I use 100 m so the rasterization is quick.
  3. Proximity (rasterdistance). Set A list of pixel values.... = 1

enter image description here enter image description here

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