I have sample data I am trying to visualize in ArcGIS Pro. I have one field that shows if the sample was detected or not (DetectedResult), which is either a 'Y' or 'N'. Then I have another field with the sample value results (Value). I need to be able to add a less than sign in front of every number in the "Value" field when the DetectedResult is 'N'.

Can I create a new field, or update the Value field, to show these results?

This is what I would like to end up with:

Value DetectedResult ValueAndND
0.25 N <0.25
0.56 Y 0.56

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Similar to @Hornbydd but 1-liner:

'<%s'%!Value! if !DetectedResult!=='N' else !Value!

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This can be done with a simple field calculate. I show this below using Arcade as the scripting language (you could have done something very similar in python if you wished).

Calculate Field

Here is the Arcade script for you to copy into the tool:

if ($feature.DetectedResult == 'N') {
    var res = Concatenate('<', Text($feature.Value));
else {
    var res = Text($feature.Value);
return res

Similar to @hornbydd and @FelixIP, but an arcade oneliner

    decode($feature.DetectedResult, 'N', '<','') + $feature.Value

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