How can I display labels for line features in a QGIS line layer, where the label should appear outside a polygon if the line feature is inside the polygon, and otherwise appear as it is? I have activated the "name" field for labeling the line features.https://i.sstatic.net/I3C3p.png

I tried the below expression but it is not working.

difference (
    buffer (
            buffer ($geometry,15)

enter image description here


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Using this expression, if the line is fully within a polygon geometry, the @within variable will return the the containing polygon and use its boundary as the placement. Otherwise, the original line geometry is used.

Change 'poly' for your polygon layer name.

with_variable('within', overlay_within('poly', @geometry)[0],
        when @within is not NULL
        then @within
        else @geometry

enter image description here

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