I have two point layers,name "1" and name "2",The points in layer 2 have some offset relative to layer 1. enter image description here

I want to generate a field to display the angle at which the points in layer 2 are offset from layer 1. like this:

enter image description here

How should I operate it.

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    How do you know which point from layer 2 should be used for a point on layer 1? Mar 4 at 7:55
  • Adjacent points
    – smilecc
    Mar 4 at 8:49

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This will search for the nearest point within 1000 m (the unit of my crs is meters), and calculate the azimuth:

azimuth(point_a:=$geometry, point_b:=
overlay_nearest( layer:='secondlayer', 
expression:=$geometry, limit:=1, max_distance:=1000)[0])))

If you want to create a field with the value you can use Field Calculator. I just label the points using the expression:

enter image description here

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    If you need to take the ellipsoid and CRS in account, you can also use the bearing function (new since QGIS 3.34.0): bearing(point_a,point_b[,source_crs][,ellipsoid])
    – eurojam
    Mar 4 at 12:52

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