I am trying to import ALKIS NAS Data (XML) in QGis. These are german test cadaster datas. I already created a PostGIS database where I can import the XML with the nor GIS ALKIS importer. This will be later imported into QGis. When installing the installing norGIS ALKIS Importer package (called: ALKIS-import:norGIS ALKIS import GeoInfoDoc 6.0) with OSGeo4W advanced Install I get the following error:

Invalid or unsupported tar format.

Invalid or Unsupported tar format

I have never worked with similar data.

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You're apparently trying to install the source package (by checking the "checkbox" in the "Src?" column next to the pre-checked "Bin?" column). But the source package is empty - and was apparently too empty for the OSGeo4W installer. Now it contains an empty directory.

If you need the sources find them in https://github.com/norBIT/alkisimport

See also https://github.com/norBIT/alkisimport/issues/86

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