I am trying to create a large raster of 64-bit integers from the metadata of another file. This is done row by row, writing the output with the rasterio Window class. Below is a very simplified example that assigns the column number to each cell:

import rasterio
from rasterio.windows import Window
import numpy as np

input_path = "/path/to/my/large/raster.vrt"
output_path = "/path/to/the/output.gtiff"

input = rasterio.open(input_path)

out_file = rasterio.open(

for j in range(input.height):

    array = np.full((input.width, 1), 10000).astype(np.int64)

    for i in range(input.width):
        array[i, 0] = i

    window = Window(0, j, array.shape[0], array.shape[1])
    out_file.write(array, window=window, indexes=1)


This runs fine, but the output is a zeroed raster:

gdalinfo -mm /path/to/the/output.gtiff
Band 1 Block=89057x1 Type=Int64, ColorInterp=Gray
    Computed Min/Max=0.000,0.000

Looks like no array is ever written to the file, or that something happens to the integers sent for writing. Any clues on what I may be missing?

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You have rows and cols reversed, use

array = np.full((1, input.width), 10000).astype(np.int64) 


array[0, i] = i

But note that looping through every pixel individually is a really inefficient way of doing things.

For your trivial writing column number example, you could use np.arange by rows only:

array = np.arange(input.width, dtype=np.int64).reshape(1, input.width)
for j in range(input.height):
    window = Window(0, j, input.width, 1)
    out_file.write(array, window=window, indexes=1)

Or in one go using array broadcasting

cols = np.arange(input.width, dtype=np.int64).reshape(1, input.width)
rows = np.zeros((input.height, 1), dtype=np.int64)
array = rows + cols
out_file.write(array, indexes=1)

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