I have a geopackage consisting of 16x16m squares, which hold data within them. I wish to convert said data into a raster format to be used elsewhere. When rasterizing, however, the output file is blank, as all RGBA values are 0 and is showing the entire float32 spectrum (which is, again, blank).

I found a similar problem but their fix doesn't apply here. I also got suggestions that maybe the pixelsize I was going for was too large, but going smaller didn't help. An alternative suggestion was made to take the centroids of each square and interpolate between the points. This is a horrible idea as it at times gives false values for certain areas.

The geopackage itself can be downloaded here if you're willing to give it a go.

Specifically I am trying to make it so that each 16x16 square is a single pixel. And the CRS is EPSG:5048

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It seems the geopackage format is causing a problem. If you export your file to a shapefile format and then open the attribute table, you will notice that the numbers in the V_MA field have very long decimal values.

enter image description here

Create a new field, name it V_MA2 of type real, and decimal values equal to 2. Then, make a copy of the V_MA field using the field calculator.

Then, use the V_MA2 field to convert to raster.

Here is the information in the image below:

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • Input file: test.shp
  • Field to use: V_MA2
  • Output raster size: Georeferenced units
  • Width/horizontal resolution: 16
  • Height/Vertical resolution: 16
  • Extent: select test layer
  • Output data type: Float32
  • Rasterized: here, I used the *.img format

Here is the output raster:

enter image description here

  • Yup, this fixed the issue, Thanks! Commented Mar 29 at 19:39

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