What about if you have a multiple point of the world? How can infer the cordinate system dynamically from a place in Python, for example Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Canada, etc.?

The goal is to create a buffer in meters for many country points data in wkt.

Actually I use Sedona and Spark for this, but the EPSG code of data point is needed pass manually to calculate the buffer in meters and then reproject to EPSG:4326, this is little imprecise (I know that this way cannot obtain a 100% acurracy vs a PostgreSQL PostGIS SQL, but I think what could be better).

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    Your title asks how to "infer" a coordinate system, but the Question body seems to ask about choosing one. I suspect your concerns about "100% accuracy" are unwarranted (not possible anyway, but anything over 181 geodetic vertices is going to be really close). You just need to create a service that generates a geodetic buffer.
    – Vince
    Apr 3 at 12:42
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    Have you tried this?
    – BERA
    Apr 3 at 16:51
  • i'll test it ! looks like the tool what needed Apr 3 at 19:48
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    yees its works you are a genius!!! thanks so much !! @BERA Apr 3 at 20:13


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