I am using QGIS (v3.36.1) to make a map for planning purposes. For the layout, I am looking at a map made in some kind of CAD software. It has labels on the gridlines inside the border, which I can easily do in QGIS, but the labels are put besides the gridlines, which I cannot see any way to do in QGIS. Have I overlooked something or should I make this a feature request?

This is from the map I am using as a template:

Template layout

This is how I get it in QGIS (the maps are from different areas):

enter image description here

(I do not need any advice on how to use the extremely ugly pen plotter font :D )

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Meh, did not look far enough. When selecting Over or Under Tick on the X- and Y- axis, I got what I wanted.

enter image description here

  • You often go blind after many hours of screen time 😉 ... and Morten, I like your ugly pen plotter font! 😁
    – christoph
    Apr 12 at 10:04

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