I am trying to use raster calculator to extract values from a GeoTIFF file showing rainfall. I would like to generate a raster with the range of 90-110 mm only see expression ("wc2.1_30s_bio_17@1" >= 90 <= 110).

However, when I carry out the processing, the new output raster only shows 0-1 values.

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When an expression is True in raster calculator, 1 is returned, if it is False 0 is returned. So if you want the Trues to keep their values from your raster you should multiply by it.

I keep the values in the range 300 to 400, else I set them to 0.

(("nh_68_5@1">300) AND ("nh_68_5@1"<400)) * "nh_68_5@1" +
("nh_68_5@1"<=300)*0 + 

I've colored the zeros purple in styling: enter image description here


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