I have a project in QGIS, I created some forms to create and modify some objects (point, line, polygon).

When I draw a polygon, I always draw a square or rectangle, because I insert some manholes in the map, and in the form that appear after the draw I insert the real measure in meters.

Now I would that, after I insert all the data in the form, the square/rectangular assume the real dimension that I insert in the form in QField.

Here u can find the project: https://files.fm/f/9xrpma3dzh

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You can:

1 Create a point layer with the attributes you need, including width and height.

2 Style it using geometry generator:

bounds(collect_geometries(translate(geometry:=$geometry, dx:="width"/2, dy:="height"/2), translate(geometry:=$geometry, dx:=-"width"/2, dy:=-"height"/2)

The expression will create two points on either side of the center point at the distances specified in width/height field. Then create a minimum bounding rectangle around them.

enter image description here

And then, when you get back to the office, convert the layer to a polygon layer with Geometry By Expression.

enter image description here

  • Interesting.....I forgot to say that some of the manhole just exist in the layer, and they are polygons. When I found them I must misure the man hole and adjust the size of the rectangle on the map. Now I'm far out, far from my laptop. When I come back home I upload the project. Actually I download the data, draw every single manhole on CAD and export it in QGIS. After I resize the polygon to the shape of CAD object..... :( Apr 17 at 18:16
  • here the project: files.fm/f/9xrpma3dzh May 3 at 13:19

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