I saw a post that talks about label offsets, but that was in 1.7. I did some internet research with no success. Is there a way to apply a buffer area so that labels from another layer are not placed in the buffer area? Otherwise the only option that I can think of is actually moving all labels that are in conflict manually.

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This is not possible as far as I know. It's a rather rare requirement for a label placement algorithm.

It would probably be fastest to rearrange the labels in post processing (Inkscape or other tool).

  • Thanks, I think ArcGIS has something similar. What would your process be on this. Save each layer individually as a svg? I have tried the whole map project as an svg with little success.
    – LandArch
    Commented Jan 14, 2013 at 20:57

Using the label placement tools in QGIS will be repeatable.

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