I am trying to transpose some data from a survey, I want to sort of Pair up the Postcode and the Question Number, then have columns of Responses with counts. Ive attached images and a fme workbench of the original data and the output I want. I have 36 questions, so want to know if there is a way to do this using a list? So I dont have to repeat this 36 times, I am not understanding how to do lists!

I want to output the postcode as a column, then have a question number column. So each postcode will be repeated depending on the number of questions, then have the responses with count per pcode & question e.g.

Question No Postcode Agree Neither Disagree

Question 1 M19 4NY 1 3 4

Question 2 M19 4NY 2 4 5

Question 1 M4 7AT 1 4 6

Question 2 M4 7AT 2 5 7

enter image description here

I have also attached the FME workbench of how I want to format the data, but Im having to repeat if 36 times as there are 36 questiona - can I do it with a list or something else to save time?

enter image description here

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StatsCalculator is useful for this type of attribution summarizing by group.

Example (FME 2024 used): enter image description here

If understand your logic here, in the StaticsCalculator you can groupby postcode and sum the number of questions

M19 4NY has 9 disagrees (q1+q2)

  • \ #Mapperz Thanks, thats part of the way there but I need a column for the question number also, as there are multiple questions!
    – sar_copp
    Commented Apr 25 at 11:39

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