I would like to list all the selected layers in the QGIS Layers Panel with PyQGIS. I'm looking for a PyQGIS function returning a list of all selected layers or a method to check if a layer is selected.

I tried iface.activeLayer() but it's only returning the last layer selected.

# not working (only last selected layer returned):
layers = iface.activeLayer()
>>> <QgsMapLayer: 'TOPO' (ogr)>

I also tried to loop on all layers but couldn't find a method to check if a layer is selected or not:

# not working either:
layers = QgsProject.instance().mapLayers()
for layer_name, layer in layers.items():
    if layer.isSelected():
>>> AttributeError: 'QgsRasterLayer' object has no attribute 'isSelected'

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You have selected layers (mouse-click on layer in tree / CTRL + mouse-click for multiple) and checked layers (checkbox clicked --> layers visible on the map canvas).

For selected layers you can do (answer from here):


For checked layers you can do (answer from here):


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