I need to get the real extent of a rotated data frame in map units from the Layout View using ArcObjects. I've checked previous discussions on the subject:

How do I obtain the envelope of a data frame in Layout?

How can I transform layout page units to map units?

but it seems there was no final answer on how to get corner coordinates for a rotated data frame. Also, the tool provided in the above post does not recognize rotated data frames. It is a bit confusing as even if you rotate the data frame in ArcGIS, the extent, indicated in the Data Frame Properties, remains unchanged.

Is there a simple way to get the real extent directly from ArcObject, or do I need to calculate these coordinates using map scale, size of the data frame etc..? Any help would be appreciated.

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Doesn't ArcMap.Document.ActiveView.Extent gives the extent of the data frame? Maybe you can go through IActiveView.Extent Property.


Ok, the question has already been asked: ArcGIS 10 creating a shape file from current dataframe extents in layout view and has been answered by npeihl and Kirk Kuykendall. My fault I have missed it in my initial search, credits go to npeihl and Kirk.

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