I'm using Leaflet markercluster in an app. I have an endpoint where a specific marker is selected (eg. ../marker/12); so the maps centers on that marker and displays its popup when the page loads.

But I also want to display the marker not clustered. Until I'm not aware of another solution, I guess I need to build a custom function to compute the zoom level that displays the marker unclustered.

Here's an unfinished attempt I made (with the help of chatGPT), not sure if the logic works or how to make it work properly.

const getUnclusteredZoomLevel = (activeMarker) => {
  const clusterRadiusInPixels = 80; // Default clustering radius in pixels
  const maxZoom = map.getMaxZoom();
  const coordinates = activeMarker.getLatLng();

  //Finds the nearest marker given a marker.
  const getNearestMarkerDistance = (marker) => {
    const coordinates = marker.getLatLng();
    const markersLayer = mapLayer.markers;
    if (!markersLayer || !map.hasLayer(markersLayer)){
      throw new Error('Cannot get marker by ID; the markers layer is missing.')
    const allMarkers = [];
    markersLayer.eachLayer((marker) => {

    const otherMarkers = allMarkers.filter(item => item !== marker);

    const distances = otherMarkers.map(marker => coordinates.distanceTo(marker.getLatLng()))
    const dist = Math.min(...distances);

    const nearest = otherMarkers.find(marker => coordinates.distanceTo(marker.getLatLng()) === dist)
    console.log("NEAREST MARKER", nearest.feature);

    return dist;
  const minDistance = getNearestMarkerDistance(activeMarker);

  //Compute the zoom level where our marker gets unclustered
  let currentZoom = 0;

  while (currentZoom <= maxZoom) {

    //Get the cluster radius in meters
    const metersPerPixelForZoom = //how to compute this ?
    const clusterRadiusInMeters = clusterRadiusInPixels * metersPerPixelForZoom

    if (minDistance > clusterRadiusInPixelsPixelsAtZoom) {


  return currentZoom;
  • What do you mean by "not sure if the logic works "? Did you try it?
    – TomazicM
    Commented May 13 at 19:53
  • Of course. It does not work and those are bits of attempts but I'm not sure it goes it the right direction.
    – gordie
    Commented May 13 at 21:56
  • I've just read about the native function zoomToShowLayer(marker) that zooms at the correct level to see a marker unclustered.
    – gordie
    Commented May 13 at 21:57
  • Did you try it? I tried it and it works as expected/required.
    – TomazicM
    Commented May 14 at 8:25

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I found a solution for my initial question (with the help of chatGPT) - but I ended up not using it; because I adapted my logic to take advantage of the native function zoomToShowLayer(layer, callback); which zooms on a specific marker to display it unclustered.

Anyway, if anyone still search that:

const unclusteredZoom = (map,marker) => {

    // Check if the marker is already unclustered
    if (marker.__parent === null) {
        return map.getZoom();

    // Binary search to find the zoom level where the marker appears unclustered
    let left = 0;
    let right = map.getMaxZoom();
    let result = 0;

    while (left <= right) {
        const mid = Math.floor((left + right) / 2);
        const clusterZoom = marker.__parent._zoom;

        if (clusterZoom < mid) {
            result = mid;
            right = mid - 1;
        } else {
            left = mid + 1;

    return result;

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