Are non-tiled WMS layers possible in GeoServer? I passed tiled:False option in Leaflet but I still get tiled layer.

const prew = L.tileLayer.betterWms("http://localhost:8080/geoserver/wms", {
    layers: 'wp:layer',
    format: 'image/png',
    transparent: true,

I need single image because of heatmap rendering.


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Leaflet "tileLayer.betterWms" creates always tiled requests, typically 256x256 pixels. The TILED=YES|FALSE parameter is a vendor option that is specific to GeoServer https://docs.geoserver.org/main/en/user/services/wms/vendor.html#tiled.

Meta-tiling prevents issues with duplicated labels when using a tiled client such as OpenLayers. When meta-tiling is used, images are rendered and then split into smaller tiles (by default in a 3x3 pattern) before being served. In order for meta-tiling to work, the tile size must be set to 256x256 pixels, and the tiled and tilesorigin parameters must be specified.

So tiled=true alone does nothing if tilesorigin is not set (see also https://gis.stackexchange.com/a/283437/30184), and when tilesorigin is set, then Leaflet is still making tiled requests.

Use for example NonTiledLayer instead of tileLayer for making Leaflet to set single-tile requests https://codesandbox.io/examples/package/leaflet.nontiledlayer. There are also other plugins that support single tile request like https://github.com/heigeo/leaflet.wms.

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    Leaflet.wms plugin also supports single-tile WMS layers.
    – TomazicM
    Commented May 19 at 19:47
  • Thanks, answer edited.
    – user30184
    Commented May 19 at 19:51

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