I am a new user of QGIS. I have found answers to most of my issues. This one has me stuck. I have included an image of the project I am attempting to create.

My plan is to place a linestring on every row of this field. I need to be able to repeat the linestring every 40 inches. Right now I am using (copy and move feature) and this is taking a long time. I was thinking QGIS would have some kind of feature like CAD so I could offset, but I cannot find one.

Then I will use r.report to get the pixel values from the linestrings. Then use the report from r.report to calculate how many feet of pixels of each linestring are below a set pixel value. Then do a calculation based on that report to tell me how many plants are missing, or acres of plants are missing. This may not work because I am unsure of the linestring size. I know that my pixels are .049 by -.049 so it may not correlate with the linestring size.

I think the project FieldImageR was designed to do projects like this but I could not get it installed (lack of skills) on my part.

The ultimate goal is to know how many acres of plants are missing and how many acres are not. I already completed one project using pixel values of the whole field but then realized it would not give me the correct information. I am hoping this idea will.

Is there a better way to do this?

Farm Field


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You can use the processing toolbox for that: there is a tool Array of offset (parallel) lineswhich will do the job for you. Just define the first line, the nummer of repeats and the distance between the lines.

enter image description here

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