Is it possible to integrate an external Python script into a QGIS project macro?

I have a relatively large macro that executes various Python commands at the start and end of the project. For better management and overview, I would like to store these commands externally in separate Python files.

How can I achieve this in QGIS? Are there specific methods or best practices for calling external scripts within a project macro?

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You can run external .py script with a command like this:


But I'm not sure if this is a good practice, since the location of the file may change.

In addition, it could lead to the execution of potentially dangerous code if someone modifies the file.

  • I solved the location problem by combining the project dir with the relative dir using: project_dir = os.path.dirname(QgsProject.instance().fileName()) os.chdir(project_dir)
    – MartinMap
    Commented May 24 at 8:50

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