I'm trying to combine multiples point layers in a heatmap but I'm not sure that a heatmap is the best solution for my use. Each point layer correspond to locations of specimens for 1 specie. For some point layers, there are a lot of locations and sometimes for others, a lot less. I'd like to combine them to know where are the locations that have the richest diversity but for the moment, I only succeed to have the locations that have the most of specimens, all species considered.

Could you help me?

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enter image description here

  1. Merge all input layers into one layer.
  2. Extract its extent, buffer it some, create a grid with the buffered layer as extent.
  3. Join attributes by location (summary): fields to summarize = your species field, summaries to calculate = unique. This will add a species count field to the grid layer with number of unique species in each grid cell.

You can symbolize this layer:

enter image description here


  1. Create centroid points. Then symbolize the centroid layer with the species count as weight: enter image description here

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