If my map is in EPSG:4326, the text annotation is normal.

Map in EPSG:4326 However, if the projection is transformed, such as EPSG:102017, the text label does not change. Map in EPSG:102017

I want the text label information to be labeled in the direction of the latitude, like in the image below. What should I do?



method can curve the annotation information, but the upper part is still not truly rotated. enter image description here

Pole centered map

  • It doesn't follow the direction of the weft strictly, the top half still follows the reader's point of view, and doesn't really rotate
    – smilecc
    Commented Jun 17 at 7:39

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  1. Follow the instruction in this solution.

  2. To rotate the labels in the upper part to be upside down, in the label settings got to the tab Rendering -> Show upside-down labels and check the box always.

enter image description here

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