I downloaded the DEM files of the Balkan peninsula from the USGS website. I created a Balkan Peninsula DEM map larger than 3 GB from more than 130 DEM files, each of which is 25 MB. However, there is a problem that the elevation data of these DEM maps are incorrect in some areas. There is no data, just space. I tried to fix these gaps with the Virtual Raster Builder plugin, but it had no effect. What should I do? Is there anywhere I can find a detailed and high quality DEM map of the Balkan peninsula?

This is the map of East Romania(End of Danube). This map unfortunately is not correct.

West Romania - End of Danube

  • Can you link to the datasets you downloaded or provide enough information so we can find at least two tiles to try and replicate the issue.
    – user2856
    Commented Jul 10 at 3:49

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You might find the QGIS tool "Fill nodata" useful here. This tool would allow you to fill in nodata cells by interpolating another cell within a distance you can set. For example if you have a cell on either side of the nodata cell, as an example each with an elevation value of 10 and 12, the nodata cell will be assigned 11. I found this video to be particularly useful as it demonstrates how to run the tool and showcases the results.

The DEM being used here is seemingly of much lower quality, and the gaps of nodata seem to be smaller, but this may give you something to work with. Sometimes this tool can be hard to please, so try out several different maximum distances and smoothing iterations.

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