How can I move a centroid to a centre of a country in the QGIS world map and doing a Radial Flow map as described here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEHMnioynN8

As I understand

  1. You create centroids via processing/toolbox/centroids
  2. Then save as a separate centroids layer in the lower box with three dots
  3. Then move centroid with right click on centroids.shp
  4. Click toggle editing
  5. Click the now freshly activated vertex tool button with screwdriver and hammer
  6. Move mouse to circles on map and drag mid-points to country center
  7. Save edits via yellow pencil button

But - when I do no. 6 it doesn't work. Centroid points stay where they are...

  • Hello Vince, I don't understand what you wanted to say ... Could you please clarify? Commented Jul 12 at 16:00


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