I'm looking for a property (or properties) that will give me the display units and the formatting. enter image description here

I assume I need IMap.DistanceUnits but I can't find the formatting. Is this exposed?

I am also interested in accessing the additional formatting in this window: enter image description here

I'm hoping there's a INumberFormat property someplace that I can hook into.


Cast the mxdocument as IReportUnitFormat2 and try NumericFormat.


I haven't tried this yet, but the following property page can have a solution:
IPropertyPage Interface along-with the MapFramePropertyPage CoClass


Not sure about the formatting, but the friendly names are accessible through the IUnitConverter.EsriUnitsAsString method.


I am not sure, but are you searching for this? You can get these map units through IMap.MapUnits Property.

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