I'm trying to do a simple CRS.decode to lookup a CoordinateReference system:

E.g. CoordinateReferenceSystem target_crs = CRS.decode("EPSG:4326");

However this fails with a reference to the Citations.HTTP_URI_OGC field, and an invalid field error. According to the documentation this field is introduced in v9?

Anyone else experienced this, or got an idea of what I'm doing wrong?


Rune Sørensen

  • Are you sure you have included all correct GeoTools dependencies? For example epsg-hsql? If that doesn't solve the problem please supply more information. – Jur_ Jan 24 '13 at 14:56
  • I think you need gt-metadata for org.geotools.metadata.iso.citation.*; What does maven think? – Ian Turton Jan 24 '13 at 15:00

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