Are there any good libraries for accessing GRIB2 data in .Net? Specifically, I want to be able to quickly pull subsets of weather data from a grib2 file based on time and location.


GribApi.NET is now freely available. It supports reading and writing GRIB 1 and 2 files.

Disclosure: I am the author of the C# wrapper.



With FWTools there are .NET wrappers for the GDAL, which can read .GRB (GRIB2) files.

  • Wonderful. I'll give it a shot tonight, but from what I read I think it may work. If so, I'll accept your answer. Jan 10 '11 at 16:47

GribCS gives fine grained access to grib files. Using GDAL you might be loosing some interesting information.



I have no experience with .NET, but the standard c library for accessing grib2 files is g2clib. You could call the functions of that dll. I think it is better than using gdal, because you are more likely to cover every aspect of the grib2 definition.

  • Haven't seen that one before. I'll give it a look. Thanks! Feb 23 '11 at 20:04

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