I need to draw 30 meter lines in specific places. Ctrl+l is too annoying to do everytime. Is there a easy way to define specific same length for a line that I need to draw many times?


One option is to create a fishnet grid specific to your area of interest. By specifying one row and X columns, you can very efficiently create a series of lines. I describe this method in greater detail here and here for two similar situations. For fine control of individual line placement, use the editor. From the image, you can see I created 16 lines with the fishnet tool and moved/rotated them in an editing session.

enter image description here


If you can make the start of the line as coordinate locations in a table, then Add Field and Calculate Field values for the end coordinate locations (if the 30 m change is in both the X and Y or by an angle this may need trigonometry), then Make XY Event Layer for each set of coordinate pairs, Merge into one point file, and then use Points To Line with the common ID field for the Line_Field parameter, then you will have all lines drawn automatically.

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