I need to be able to draw a polygon in the field while the landowner is there to approve it. Is there an app that is easy to use so all of the field hands can operate it? I also need to be able to export the file to be used in the equipment used to spray.

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There is an app for iOS devices that might be what you want. My Maps Editor can export to KML/KMZ and works with your Google Account.


At Cost

GISRoam – iPad Mobile Professional GIS

GISRoam WebConnect Access $9.99
GISRoam Pro $149.99
GISRoam Upgrade to Pro $129.99

GISRoam's App Features (requires a DataConnect activation):

• Terrain Profile display based on two points and elevation file

• Measuring now displays the elevation from the elevation file along with Lat/Long position

• User defined user forms for data collection and data display. Including pre-defined attribute table values in text/numbers/pictures/weblinks - editable while you roam.

• Collect new shape features (Polygon, Line, Point) in new or existing Shapefile with and without the GPS



Another option is an online tool called click2shp -- it is entirely browser-based, and it allows you to draw points, lines, and polygons on top of a Google Maps basemap, and save the features as a shapefile in a single click. It works on my iPad!


I haven't been able to find one that I like, but iCMTGIS II or PrecisionEarth might provide what you're looking for at about $100 each.

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