In looking at the REST API, it seems like it wouldn't be that hard to write a bot that crawls the web and indexes services (Map Services, GP Services etc.)

Is anyone already doing this?

Update1: I can find lots of mapservices with simple google search.

I rather doubt google gives a very high ranking to mapservice pages though, so I'd bet there are a lot that are missed. Anyway, if someone were to crawl all these mapservice pages and assemble an index and expose that index on a site. The site could allow me to search for mapservices that are in a particular region and contain certain keywords and add the mapservices to my map. AFAIK the arcgis.com map gallery isn't built by a web crawler.

Update2 With a funcion named MapServiceHarvester, it sure sounds like Richie Carmichael might be cooking something up.

  • It's definitely crossed my mind, but no, I haven't actually done it. – Derek Swingley Jan 10 '11 at 16:35

A more refined search: inurl:arcgis/rest/services


It sounds like you want services you didn't know about. I think this one updates services you do know about.

update service


Maybe you couldcome up with an algorythm to search for rest services?

Spatial bridge says they will tell you how here.

And finally maybe playing with geoportal you could see some methodology and implement on a larger scale.

  • Thanks for replying, but yes, I'd like to find out about new mapservices. – Kirk Kuykendall Jan 10 '11 at 17:05

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