I am working in Python 2.6 and ArcGIS 10.0 through comtypes, so I have full ArcObjects access. For example, see the answer I tacked onto Accessing ArcObjects from Python?. That makes this strictly an object model traversal question.

I have an IFeatureClass on an annotation feature class. I need to get to IAnnoClass to get the ReferenceScale property.

How do I do that?

I am guessing that it starts with the Extension property inherited from IClass, but I may be way off base.

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If a feature class is an annotation class, its IFeatureClass.Extension will be a reference to the AnnotationFeatureClassExtension coclass instance. It can be directly cast to IAnnoClass interface.

In short, you are right, the Extension property will be an object which implements IAnnoClass.


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