I'm trying to make a car offline navigation app for iOS. Now I analyze OpenStreetMap features what to use. I would like to know if there is open source solution for the following parts of app:

  • best storing of geodata - do you know Spatialite? Or use standard file system?
  • rendering OSM (whatever format/own?) - vector rendering, not tile's system
  • routing OSM, finding shortest/fastest path

I did some experiments but if you have any experiences, i will be glad if you help me with start.


You can take look for Navit software( open-source car navigation software capable of using OSM data)

I hope it will help you...thanks

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RoutingKit will do what you want. It's in C++, so it can be integrated into an iOS app by calling it from Objective C++. It can import OpenStreetMap data.

It's open source with a permissive license.

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