I want to design a layout with print composer where the legend Title has two different font styles in one e.g. " I had it once but can´t remember". I would be grateful for help.


I haven't found a way how to format legend titles to allow two different font styles, but remember that it is possible to simply add another label enter image description here to your image.
Enable the snapping to grid option and place your layer right next to the legend title. Remember to raise this label object enter image description here, so that it won't be hidden by the legends borders.
You can style this label in any way you want. The result could look like this:

enter image description here

Nevertheless: Sometimes it is a lot easier to simply insert the whole Title with a Graphic manipulation program such as GIMP or Photoshop.

  • no short cut but probably the easiest way, thank you! – oppia04 Feb 7 '13 at 11:10

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