Is there a library to make custom markers for Google Maps V3 by controling the icon, labels and opacity?

This library for Google Maps API V2, Labeled Markers, seems OK, but I was hoping for a V3 version, and was curious about opacity control also?


Label Marker Class Libary v3


Note: Be sure to include markerwithlabel.js or markerwithlabel_packed.js in your document header after the Google Maps JavaScript API V3 has been included.


Maybe I am missing something, but arent you just after the MarkerImage class in the default v3API?

Defines an image to be used as the icon or shadow for a Marker.

  • Thanks .....I played with MarkerImage class...it is a simple way to meet most of my needs except for it doesnt seem to have the fine control of Label Marker Class, above from @Mapperz...specially to have each marker appear as a customized label – b_dev Jan 18 '11 at 18:45

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