I am working with some State Plane projections from Colorado. I have looked them up on spatialreference.org and they are the following:

ESRI:102254: NAD 1983 HARN StatePlane Colorado Central FIPS 0502
ESRI:102654: NAD 1983 StatePlane Colorado Central FIPS 0502 Feet

I am wondering how I reference this coordinate in QGIS or FWTools using an EPSG code. When I load this data it comes up as a User 10000 value.

Any help would be great. Thanks...


I've found the prj to epsg online service quite useful in the past for this sort of thing.

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Latest builds of QGIS Master and GDAL have these EPSG codes. You can install them with OSGEO4W (package qgis-dev) in parallel to your working QGIS installation, or GDAL dev binaries from gisinternals.

You can then reproject the data to a CRS that your working copy of QGIS knows.

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