I would like to get elevation from a satellite image. I would be needing resolution less than or equal to 5 m. Is this possible? If yes, how can I procure these images and where?


Generally speaking, if you have a Single Image (Single or Multi Band), you cannot get Elevation information from it directly.

If you have a Stereo Image Pair, you might be able to get some Elevation values from it, but even those are not accurate without a rough base DEM, or Benchmark.

You also get satellite data, which consists exclusively of a DEM. For example the ASTER DEM, which gives you elevation values of a region.

I am aware of some commercial providers who supply a satellite derived DEM 10m, but I am not aware of any that supply Satellite DEM with a resolution of 5 m or lower (I'm not sure if that is even possible).

  • can you give me the names of those commercial suppliers? and based on your experience with them, how soon did you acquire the images? – user2543 Feb 14 '13 at 4:09
  • 1
    This was about 3 years ago; We were in Talks with GeoEye for 10m DEM. For Various Reasons, the project Requirements changed, and we did not purchase Data from them. With the acquisition of GeoEye by DigitalGlobe, I guess they will be the company to contact. Furthermore there are many companies that see DEM's generated from Lidar data with is of a higher resolution. – Devdatta Tengshe Feb 14 '13 at 4:14
  • thanks. this is very helpful. Lidar could take time especially for rugged terrain. We are in pursuit of faster data acquisition. Thanks again. – user2543 Feb 14 '13 at 6:11
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    Where is your area of interest? – markusN Feb 14 '13 at 8:03

Good experience with NextMap DSMs, https://store.intermap.com/MapShop.aspx?GeoLocation=World .

They're aquired by airborne SAR, but only available for europe and the US.

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