I want to convert a shapefile to an EMF file. The EMF file must be a vector image, not a raster image. Please suggest to me some good packages or tools.

  • Do you want to use EMF files in CAD ?? If yes then try leadtools may be useful for you.. – Sunil Feb 15 '13 at 10:48
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    @Sunil: the emf-format allows the embedding od raster-files. therefore some emf are actually only wrappers around a raster-file. – Kurt Feb 15 '13 at 11:38

You can't actually convert the shapefile in EMF, since shapefile data is composed by geometric features and related attributes. You can export a representation of that shapefile data (using features styles and labels) as EMF.

All you need is Quantum GIS and Inkscape, both open-source software.

  • Load your shapefile in Quantum GIS and style it as you please;
  • Create a layout in the print composer, taking in consideration the scale you want your data in the emf. (Don't forget to hide the frame);
  • Export it as SVG (If it gives you errors you can also export to PDF);
  • Open it in Inkscape;
  • Save it as EMF using File>Save as...

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