I´m trying to add a TAB-file containing text-objects to a SQLIte database. I´ve already added points, lines and polygons, but when I try to add texts I get an error - something about an erroneous action on the server (it´s in Danish, so I´m not quite sure how to translate it).

I´ve heard that I might be missing some additional columns or tables, but I cannot find any informations about it.

Any suggestions/comments are greatly appreciated.

Regards Kaare

  • Which version of MapInfo? And please post the error message.
    – Nathan W
    Feb 19, 2013 at 9:31

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You need to make sure that your table in SQLite has the necessary columns for storing the text attributes.

These columns have been described in this document: MI Pro 11.5.2 New Feature Documentation. The specific type of columns in not stated, but I guess they are all real/double/float, except Feat_ID which is Integer, Label_Text which is Text and Geometry which is a BLOB.

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