Is there any way to create more complex conditional domains in a table than a single subtype and associated domains? I would like to get the same functionality that more than one subtype in a single table would provide but ArcGIS only allows one. I want to be able to use multiple domains in one field that are part of a subtype, where each domain might only allow other domains used in the next field.

Any ideas?

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Not sure where your idea fits in among these, but there are several out on the ArcGIS Ideas site you might want to vote for:

  1. Allow subtypes on multiple fields
  2. Requesting a Sub-Subtype Option
  3. Coded value domains set mulit-level dependancy on coded value domains for a feature class
  • That's pretty much what I want to do. Subtypes are so handy. I just wish there wasn't the limit.
    – Andy Brown
    Feb 23, 2013 at 4:35

I know this post is ancient, but ArcGIS Pro has functionality called Contingent Values that might be what you need:

Create and manage contingent values

Contingent values, sometimes referred to as contingent attribute values, are a data design feature that allows you to make values in one field dependent on values in another field.

Alternatively, attribute rules might be useful too.

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