Please any body help me for creating lines from points in electric network for instance electric poles are there in point feature with "polename" field like "P01", "P02", "P03" etc. I need a tool that create lines on Target (Feature Class) from P01 to P02 then P02 to P03 in continue.


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You could try Hawth's Tools 'Convert Locations to Paths' tool. Same concept.


This link points to an ArcScript on ESRI's website. It is a python script that looks like it was turned into the tool that @PolyGeo references in ArcGIS 10.

It requires that you have an ID field that links the points you want to convert to lines, so you will have the following:

Point Name ID
PO1 1
PO2 1
PO3 2
PO4 2
PO5 2

The key is that if you want PO1 to also appear in Line 2, you will have to repeat it in the shapefile like this: PO1 1
PO2 1
PO3 2
PO4 2
PO5 2
PO1 2

Here is the link to that ArcScript: Points to Lines

There used to be a script that took this a step further and used 2 files. The first was a point feature class like above, where each point had a unique identifier. The 2nd file was a table that defined the lines based on point id's: ID Start End
1 PO1 PO2
2 PO1 PO3
3 PO2 PO3
I could not find the script for this one though, but it might give you a starting point.
Hope these help.


There's a Points To Line tool in ArcGIS 10 that may do what you want.

  • Thanks for reply, presently i am using ArcGis 9.3 i also have xtool where its having "Make one polyline from points" which create a line from points according to OBJECTID. So if P03 is first point and P01 is second point and P02 is third point then a line also create from point P03 to P01 and from P01 to P02, but i want a line from P01 to P02, P02 to P03
    – Ashish
    Jan 27, 2011 at 9:46

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