I´ve got a problem with displaying the imported gpx file. The gpx file is created in Holux Funtrek 130 PRo. The map I use is from Openstreetmap, I am sure it is the right map from the location I recorded the gpx file. Everything works fine...except the gpx file doesn´t show up. The layer icon is ticked in the layer(s) box. WGS 1984 is set up, both on my gps device and in QGIS. I study geoinformatics, and am really interested in how these things work..but nothing like this has been taught yet..we´ve learnt only adding scalebar and all these elementary tasks. I´d be glad if there was anyone who could answer this question. Thank you.

  • Can you tell more about your configuration and how you set it up (e.g. how did you import the GPX file? how did you import the OSM data? are you using on the fly-reprojection?). Can you make your GPX file publically available? Have you tried the GPX file in any other tools (e.g. uploading it to an online-OSM editor)? – BradHards Feb 26 '13 at 1:52

Right click on your layer of interest and choose Zoom to Layer Extent


I guess you are using the Openlayers plugin to see a Openstreetmap. In that case, your project layer should be in EPSG:3857. Check the layer properties of the GPX layer by rightclick -> Set CRS for layer, if it is really set to EPSG:4326.

Both layers must have different CRS to see them aligned.

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