I have a .gdb file with a specific structure. I will extract all shp files for uploading to a postgtresql db. But I want to keep the structure of gdb. How can I keep this structure to postGIS+Postgresql? Is it impossible to keep the Feature dataset?

I use Qgis, ArcGIS 10.1, Postgresql and PostGIS 1.5.x

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There is no concept of a featuredataset in A PostGIS database. This is why you cannot have a 1 is to 1 correspondence between your File Geodatabase and PostGIS database.

The only thing that you could sort of use, is to divide your PostGIS database into different schemas. A schema has almost none of the properties that a featureDataset has (like common Spatial reference, common schema locks etc), but it can be used as a sort of folder for related data. It might also be useful when setting privileges for different types of users.

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