I have a county level shapefile for South Carolina. I generated random points using Vector->Research Tools-> Random Points. The attribute tables for the random points layer has only the ID included.

I would like to export the latitude, longitude and corresponding county for all the generated points (there is a COUNTYFP10 variable in the attributes table of the original state layer).

I managed to export the latitude and longitude using "Save as", choosing "Comma Separated Value". Then, in the "Layers" part of the "OGR creation options" I typed "GEOMETRY=AS_XY".

I am not sure how to add the corresponding county to the saved CSV file.

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Could you take the generated points and go to Vector -> Data management Tools -> Join Attributes by Location? That would add the county name to each point. Then export the points out to a CSV. I tested this with QGIS 1.8.

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