I have created contour lines from DEM and now I need to create hachures/bergstrich for them. I believe that spatial analyst should solve this, but I'm not used to it and I didn't found any similar tutorials.

Any solutions will help.


This question from July 2012 discussed creation of hachures in GIS. Here were the most useful answers:

A quick Google search for "digital hachure map" found an article written for Cartographic Perspectives in 2000 by Patrick Kennelly called "Desktop Hachure Maps from Digital Elevation Models." While this technique yielded something vaguely similar, it used more of a pointilist technique rather than lines:

Digital hachure map, from Kennelly (2000)

Granted this article is more than 10 years old, so I bet with improvements in computers and DEM resolution since then, creating a better imitation of old-style Hachure maps would be possible based on the slope and angle of elevation features.


This doesn't help with your goal unless you're willing to do some coding, but Michal Migurski recently did some experiments in automating hachures, which were built on by Eric Fischer.


I have never generated hachures with ArcGIS and I've never heard of a ArcGIS tool that will create hachures.

You can try to use a line symbol to create simple hachures: Take the contour lines and use a Hash Line Symbol (in the Symbol Property Editor dialog box).

(A hillshade or a slope surface created with Spatial Anlalyst could be an alternative to hachures.)

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