I have a localhost PostGIS database that I would like to use with SEXTANTE in QGIS. I can connect to the database just fine using "Add PostGIS layers...", but when I try "PostGIS execute SQL" in SEXTANTE, I´m not sure of what to enter and I can´t find any documentation or examples. All I get is "Wrong database connection name...". Any suggestions/examples on how to connect to the database?


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I think that you should use the name that you give to one of your defined postgis connections.

Open Add Vector Layer Dialog -> Database -> Check the available connections on the Connections combobox and use this exact name as database on the "Postgis execute SQL" option

*Postgis execute SQL" launchs your query to the database. No more, no less. It does not have a rich gui, and it does not produce any output.

Probably if you want to create and launch sql queries within qgis there are two plugins that provides better functionality:

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  • Ah, so I should enter the connection name from the QGIS standard PostGIS connection, and not the real database name. This should be clarified somewhere in the documentation. When I use this name and enter for example SELECT name FROM data.nyc_neighborhoods; I no longer get the error message. In fact, I get nothing at all. When I hit "OK", the window simply disapears. I expected some kind of output, since the same query produces results in pgAdmin. Perhaps I have misunderstood how to use SEXTANTE. – johnrobot Mar 2 '13 at 10:56
  • I edit my answer trying to re-answer your comment – Francisco Puga Mar 2 '13 at 15:09

Use "Execute SQL" from GDAL geoalgorithms

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