Having 10 raster files in one directory and another 10 rasters in another directory and both have the same dimensions.

directory 1:

    files1 <- list.files("C:\\2010", "*.envi", full.names = TRUE)
    s <- stack(files1)

directory 2:

 files2 <- list.files("C:\\2012", "*.envi", full.names = TRUE)
 s1 <- stack(files2)

I would like to filter s based on s1. I want to replace values in all layers in s by NA whenever corresponding layers in s1 have values greater than 0.6(corresponding pixels).


Something like:

s1[s2 > 0.6] <- NA

This is the standard R way of doing things like this. You use s2 to make a subset in s1, and then you replace that subset by NA. You might need to do some looping if rasterstacks do not support this directly.

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