I am looking for a solution to retrieve the geometry(ies) from a polygon/multipolygon within a bounding box in a GeoDjango application.

The application I am developing has a requirement to serve out tiles of geographical data, and many of our geometries are very large and span across multiple tiles. To reduce the payload of each tile I would like to splice(cut) a geometry shape(s) from a bounding box.

I am storing Planet.OSM data in a PostGIS database.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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If you are working with a GeoQuerySet, you can call the intersection() method with a geometry argument (e.g. your bounding box) to return the geometries from your GeoQuerySet that are intersected by the geometry (bounding box) you provided. If you need to use a raw query, try the corresponding ST_Intersection method of PostGIS. In either case, you should initially filter your results to those that are intersected by the bounding box. To quote the ST_Intersection reference:

ST_Intersection in conjunction with ST_Intersects is very useful for clipping geometries such as in bounding box, buffer, region queries where you only want to return that portion of a geometry that sits in a country or region of interest.

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